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Introducing Sinacluster - Your Secure Data Processing and Analysis Solution

Your data's security and confidentiality are paramount to us

Sinacluster offers a cutting-edge data management and analysis platform with unparalleled security features. Access to the service is exclusively available through the Sinabis laptop, ensuring the highest level of data protection. Moreover, our advanced security protocols require a robust 3-factor authentication for secure access.

Secure Device Access

With Sinacluster, your data is protected from the ground up. To gain access, users must utilize a special Sinabis laptop, a dedicated device built to meet the highest security standards. This exclusive hardware ensures that your data remains confined to trusted environments, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

3-Factor Authentication (3FA)

Security is our utmost priority. In addition to the Sinabis laptop with VPN, we employ a comprehensive 3-factor authentication (3FA) system. This approach combines knowledge factors (Passwords) and possession factors (Hardware-Token) to verify user identity. By requiring all elements, we guarantee that only authorized individuals gain access to your data.


*All prices incorporate the monthly fee for a 14-inch Sinabis laptop (32GB RAM).
For information on other configurations, please inquire.


395 / mo
  • 500 requests / mo
  • 500 GB storage
  • AI / ML - Functionality

processing costs

0,015 per email / file  


595 / mo
  • 1000 requests / mo
  • 2 TB storage
  • AI / ML - Functionality

processing costs

0,01 per email / file  


995 / mo
  • unlimited requests / mo
  • 5 TB storage
  • AI / ML - Functionality

processing costs

0,005 per email / file  


Sinacluster is a full-service data hosting and processing environment, dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for organizations looking to securely manage and prepare their data for analysis.

Safe and Secured

To access your highly encrypted Server Infrastructures the minimum requirement is 3 FA Authentication and special Hardware. Our state-of-the-art encryption technology protects your data in transit and at rest. We employ rigorous access control measures, including user authentication and audit logging, to prevent unauthorized access.

Data Transfer

Your data is our top priority, and we take every measure to ensure it is stored and transmitted safely and securely. It is possible to upload the raw data directly into your account or we provide hardware storage devices for transfering large amounts of data.

Fast Loaded

Our nodes are located in Eschborn / Frankfurt am Main. With our cutting-edge infrastructure and optimized storage systems, your data is loaded quickly and efficiently. Whether you're working with large datasets or frequently accessing critical information, our fast data loading capabilities ensure a seamless and productive experience.

Data Analysis

Sinacluster's cutting-edge data analysis tool sets a new standard for speed and efficiency. With lightning-fast processing and storage capabilities, our tool empowers users to seamlessly analyze their data, enabling rapid decision-making and unlocking valuable insights in real time. Experience the future of data analysis with our cutting-edge solution.


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